Natural ash glazed vase

Made in Japan

by Fukumura Ryuta

Hand thrown and wood fired in the artist's own Nobori-gama (climbing kiln) at hight temperature.

Small retouch of kintsugi (metalic gold as repair) is applied on the lip by the artist. See the second photo image.


Heavily ash glazed all over in the course of firing, to the point of looking like aged and excavated from the earth.

A thick dark green/black line of ash is running across the body horizontally, creating an interesting "keshiki" from 360 degree.



Diameter 12.5cm / 5.0" approx

Height 15cm / 6.0"  approx




Unique piece


Price is for one item only

ash glazed vase with kintsugi

  • About the Maker

    Fukumura Ryuta is an up-and-coming ceramic artist based in Kyushu, southern Japan.  As the second generation ceramicist from Nichigetsu Gama, a family owned studio/gallery, he draws from the area's rich heritage as well as creating his own style with a contemporary edge.

    Fukumura crafts functional porcelain ware with rustic textures, often referred to as wabi-sabi as a distinctive element in Japanese philosophy.   Fukumura is a keen practitioner of tea ceremony and flower arrangement, which are closely linked to the Japanese mainstream ceramic tradition.  A recent throwing residence in New York had a large influence on him and is well reflected in his series of pieces with metalic overglaze.

    Soon after completing a ceramic art course at Kyushu Zoukei Junior College, Fukumura began throwing full time at Nichigetsu Gama. He grew up and lives in Ukiha city, where he digs local soil, mixes clay, throws and fires pots in his own log-burning climbing kiln (Nobori gama) .

  • Care

    Handle with care. This item is not dishwasher safe. Not microwave safe.