Ash glazed tea cup with warm lumpy texture.

The glaze is vitrified in reddish brown on the bottom. 

Price is for one cup only


Ohara Kouichi


D 7.7cm  H 4.2cm

small tea cup

  • About Maker

    Ohara Kouichi draws his inspiration from raw texture in the nature. He mixes various local soil and materials to prepare his original clay, glaze and slip, which often contains grit. He creates variety of utility wares with unique colour and texture no one has ever seen.  Some remind us of artefacts that has been buried at the bottom of the sea.

    Ohara studied physics at Meisei University before turning a ceramic artist. He learned from the ceramic traditions in Korea and Thailand as well as Tokoname in Japan, where he has been based over 20 years.

    Embraced in "the town of teapots", Ohara has often fired his works in a communal wood burning kiln (Anagama) , and also designed
    three other kilns.


  • Care

    No dishwasher, microwave or oven