Small hand boom made by skilled artisan.
For table/desk top, keyboard, kitchen worktop, bread board, window ledge etc.

Made of broom corn (Japanese sorgham) straws, bound with hemp yarn.

Corn broom making used to be widely seen in Japan, in each region's distinctive binding style. It's long straws are very flexible and durable, ideal for sweeping tricky corners.

These little brooms are made in the vernacular Kanuma style. The hemp yarn on the handle serves both as structural support and decoration, weaving checker patterns.

Kanuma broom has been renowned for it's elaborate binding and long lasting utility. Now, Kibigara Kobo is one of  few surviving traditional corn broom makers in Japan.

Kibigara Kobo (meaning, broom corn studio) is one-woman operation by Sanae Masukata. She is the 3rd generation Kanuma broom maker, crafting in the way she learned from her father and grandfather.
She has a strong passion to carry on this otherwise extinct traditional craft, but only in the sustainable way that she feels it is right. The broom corn she uses is all organically and responsibly grown by herself and a few other farmers in the area.


Measurements: approx

Length 21cm (bristles + handle)

Widest width 6.0 cm 

Due to handmade nature, each item slightly varies in size, colour and form.


Yarn Colour





organic Japanese sorgham ( broom corn)

hemp yarn

mini corn broom

Yarn Colour
  • About the Maker

    Kibigara Kobo

  • Care

    Please avoid storing this item under direct sunlight