This mug is slab-build by hand, with 'Kohiki' slip coating. Large enough for everyday's cuppa.

Kohiki is a time-honoured pottery technique that applies white slip over dark coloured clay body before glazing.

Because of this extra layer of slip between clay body and glaze, Kohiki pieces need some attentions. Slip tends to make irregularities, spots and marks. And they are prone to collect stain, and chip more often than others.

Nonetheless Kohiki pieces have always been highly appreciated and loved, as these distinctiveness gives unique characters to each piece. It is the ware you would enjoy seasoning, nurturing and aging.

After years of use, water and stain will seep into between the layers, and develop crack-like marks and patina - Kan'nyu / Crackle - one of the view points in the Japanese ceramic tradition.

This mug is full of potential to transform into your personal treasure for lifetime. Sold individually. Price is for one item only.


Due to the handmae nature, each piece has unique character and varies in size, colour and texture.


Quantity: unique
Measurements:  approx

Diameter 9.9 cm (open top),  Height 8.7 cm, Width

Made in Japan

Material: Stoneware

Artist: Kodomari Ryo

Kohiki Mug -R2D2

  • About the Artist

    Kodomari Ryo is a ceramic artist who crafts vibrant functional stoneware. His hand thrown/build works have been exhibited internationally and very much sought after. Read more...

  • Care

    Handle with care. No dishwasher or microwave please. 

    Before using this item for the first time, we recommend to soak it in water for several hours to minimise the initial stain that can be made.  Also avoid storing oil or oily food in this item for many hours, especially when it is not seasoned.

    However, crackles would still develop after years of use, which makes the item's character.