Reduction fired bottle with scorched golden glazing.

Made in Japan.

One-of-a-kind collectible art piece.

Hand thrown by Japanese artist Fukumura Ryuta


This porcelain bottle is glazed with golden metallic glaze on the bottom half and then reduction fired to carbonization.

The supply of oxygen is carefully controlled and "reduced" to obtain this volcanic effect.

Reduction firing is often done by placing pots in a frame filled with dried plants husk and charcoal. The husk stuck on the lustre would help create volcanic texture.

This is a rather specialised firing technique not commonly practiced or easily managed, with the likeliness of seeing very unpredicted results.


With this bottle, a glint of gold is visible through the scorched surface, and shimmers with nuance. This sophisticated juxtaposition is the artist's strong feature reflecting the very Japanese aesthetics.


Measurements: Diameter 7.5cm, Height 20.0cm approx

Material: Porcelain

unique piece


Price is for one item only

reduction fired bottle - carbonized gold

  • About the Maker

    Fukumura Ryuta is an up-and-coming ceramic artist based in Kyushu, southern Japan.  As the second generation ceramicist from Nichigetsu Gama, a family owned studio/gallery, he draws from the area's rich heritage as well as creating his own style with a contemporary edge. Read more about the artist here.

  • Care

    Handle with care. This item is not dishwasher safe. Not microwave safe.