Hand thrown, one-of-a-kind collectible art piece by highly acclaimed studio artist, Ohara Koichi 大原光一.  Box included. 

Made in Japan.

With this small cup, glazes are generously dripping, and along with the grit mixed in, gave the cup a sensual quality. The colours vary from glossy brown, black, white and everything between them. 

We suggest boxed tokkuri A or B to match up with this guinomi.


This item is suitable for your everyday's drink. The artist himself is keen on tasting sake, and his sake ware is much loved by the Japanese drinkers! They appreciate how the taste can felt changed in his earthy cup.


Measurements:  approx.

Height  3.8 cm Diameter  6.4 cm 

Quantity:  unique  

Material: stoneware

Made in Tokoname, Japan

Sold separately. Price is for one item only



The box is hand crafted in Japan and is specially designed for storing fine ceramic ware safely. It is an important attribute of ceramic vessels that the box itself serves as a certificate of authenticity.
Made of solid paulownia wood, signed and stamped on the lid by the artist. Flat-woven cotton cords are attached to the base to prevent accidental opening of the lid. The item inside the box is wrapped in a turmeric cotton cloth with the artist's stamp on. 

Boxed guinomi

  • About the Maker

    Ohara Koichi is a highly acclaimed studio potter based in Tokoname, Japan. Ohara draws his inspiration from the raw textures in the nature. He mixes various local soils and materials to make his clay, glaze and slip, which often contain grit.  Ohara studied physics at Meisei University before becoming a ceramic artist.

    Read more about the artist and his works. 

  • Care

    We recommend to wash this item by hand. Not dishwasher safe, not microwave safe.