Based on the art of Japanese vernacular weaving, this vine coaster would make perfect place mat for rustic talble, or simply beautiful as wall hanging.


Akebia quinata - also called Chocolate vine - is a semi-evergreen climbing shrub native to East Asia. It has been used for weaving varisous househld ware in the similar way to willow in Europe, except Akebia is twining and much thinner.


The material used is all sustainably and responsibly foraged by the artist in the mountain area in Yamagata, Japan.


Measurements: approx

diameter 17cm

Due to handmade nature, each item slightly varies in size, colour and form.


Material: Japanese Akebia

Akebia coaster

  • About the Maker

    Watanabe Moe 


  • Care

    Please avoid storing this item under direct sunlight, or anywhere near direct fire.

    Keep them dried and avoid dampness.